Over a million lives,

Since Norwa Africa’s formation, Our products have transformed more than a million lives across Africa. We envision a brighter future where all people are empowered to enjoy the quality of life that comes with access to affordable and sustainable products

Every drop

More than 2 billion people around the world live without reliable access to water. Through the deployment of sustainable products, we have empowered over a million lives and offset a billion tons of salty water. And we're just getting started.


Over a million

lives empowered


A billion tons

of salty water purified


$4.6 billion

Saved in Energy Expenditures

Our partners

Our global network of excellent distribution partners is the largest in the industry, allowing us to reach customers across the africa.

Our Solutions

Water treatment solutions

To tackle water treatment concerns in Africa, Norwa Africa prides itself on working with leading technologies in water treatment and water purification to provide the highest possible water quality from your available sources.

Water pumping solutions

Water scarcity in Africa presents a major challenge, especially to off-grid areas. Norwa Africa provides a wide range of customized water pumping solutions for community water supply, irrigation, industrial applications, domestic and municipal supply.

Solar Pumping Solutions

Save cost use solar energy to pump water from boreholes. At Norwa Africa, we believe that solar energy is the way to go because it not only saves you cost but also helps you to contribute to saving the planet for future generations.

Our Brand Story

Norwa Africa was established with the purpose to provide reliable water treatment and water pumping solutions in Africa. We endeavour to address the water scarcity, the challenging water quality as well as the growing demand for green energy through solar solutions and water treatment machines.

Our products

Domestic water treatment

This machine uses Reverse Osmosis to purify water with a larger output of 100 400 gallons per day . Reverse Osmosis is a treatment process for the removal of all dissolved solids and bacteria to provide totally pure water for small scale and large application.

Commercial water treatment

Our systems are designed to treat water for industrial and commercial applications.

Chemicals and media

Our chemicals and media can be used in reverse osmosis system, swimming pools & other water treatment applications.

Water pumps

These are high performance pumps with multiple impellers suitable in areas where continuous duty is required such as domestic pumping, irrigation, industrial and civil application.